About Us.

Message From The CEO…


Honeycutt Boutique is an Edgy Streetwear Brand That Is Hand Picked By Kiara Honeycutt, Straight Out of Birmingham. As a Fashion Stylist I Wanted to Continue to Teach Others on How to Put Pieces Together, and Starting a Boutique Was the Next Step For Me.

I Wanted My Line of Clothes to Resonate With Who I Am as an Individual. Streetwear is Not Only How You Wear Clothes, But it’s Also I Lifestyle That Like Myself Live and Breathe Everyday. All Of Our Merchandise Was Specially Handpicked by the CEO Kiara. I will be Working Around The Clock Searching For More Quality Pieces Everyday To Fulfill Your Clothing Needs. Thank You Everyone For All of Your Support! This is Only the Beginning! Let’s Continue to Grow Together 🖤